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Twist & Lock Pot allows excellent drainage and air circulation to your roots. They can now flourish and thrive, as they will not experience problems like root rot and the build-up of bad bacteria.

This is caused by compost remaining moist and starting to sour, which can occur a lot in ordinary pots and trays, as they are usually left sat in their runoff after watering or over watering.

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Katie and Maxipot
Maxipot with twist

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How it Works

With a simple life & twist action, the pot can be raised onto a central column in the tray, allowing the air to circulate and the water to drain.

This action can be reversed allowing dried out compost to become saturated by lowering and standing the pot in water. As the plant is only moved a quarter turn to the raised position, no damage is occurred when trying to drain or flood the pot or tray.

Choose Your Maxipot

Available in standard black or eco recyclable green

Eco Maxipot

Eco Green Maxipot

The market leading MaxiPot is now available in a recyclable ‘eco green’ for the environmentally aware gardener.

These MaxiPot’s are available exclusively to garden centres and nurseries in partnership with Bronte Heritage Collection, or available to purchase directly to the consumer from

Hydroponics Maxipot

Hydroponics Maxipot

The original MaxiPot is the cost-effective option to those in the hydroponics industry that desire the best yields for their plants on a mass scale.

The black MaxiPot is available to purchase in bulk orders and pallet quantities for your requirements.

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